HCBC at Worcester Spring Regatta

HCBC men raced at Worcester Regatta last weekend, winning IM3 VIIIs and reaching the final of Senior VIIIs.

1st VIII

Cox: Matt Collins/Harriet-Rose NoonsScreen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.33.01

S Thomas McGregor

7 Simon Zieleniewski

6 Ben Snodin

5 Steve Crabb

4 James Jordon

3 Chris Hughes

2 Richard Tanburn

B Eloi Marin-Amat

In IM3 VIIIs HCBC raced in the final against Keble M2, who they beat by 3/4 length despite a ropey start due to windy conditions.

In the Senior VIIIs semifinal against the home club Worcester RC they were neck and neck throughout, and in the last 3 strokes HCBC pushed through to win by a foot on the line.  M1 lost in the final against Keble M1, featuring 5 OUBC rowers an one from OULRC. HCBC made a decent start, but Keble pushed through and won comfortably.

HCBC also entered a 4+ into NOV and IM3 categories.

Cox: Matt Collins/ Harriet-Rose Noons

S Freddie Harris

3 Mitchel Fruin

2 Will Emmons

B Guy Pilbeam

In the novice category, they won their semifinal against Bewdley by 2 lengths. They lost in the final to UWE. They also lost in the IM3 final to UWE.

Congratulations to all who raced.

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