Summer Eights starts tomorrow!

Hertford’s Summer Eights Campaign starts tomorrow – racing times as follows:

M3: 12:00 – 2nd in Men’s Div VII

W2: 15:00 – 6th in Women’s Div IV

M2: 15:40 – 12th in Men’s Div IV

M1: 17:45 – 1st in Men’s Div II

W1: 18:15 – 11th in Women’s Div I

M3 rowed on successfully in 3:05, sitting comfortably in the middle of the times for rowing on. ¬†You can keep up to date with the racing in real time on the OURCs Twitter page, via the OxBump app, and through HCBC’s own Twitter and Facebook.

Crews are as follows.


C Matt Collins
S Thomas McGregor
7 Simon Zieleniewski
6 Ben Snodin
5 Steve Crabb
4 Chris Jones
3 Chris Hughes (C)
2 James Jordon (VC)
B Richard Tanburn (VC)


C Joseph Hitchen (CoC)
S Holly Redford-Jones (C)
7 Annie Taylor
6 Marie Becker
5 Rosie Worster
4 Eimear Monaghan
3 Cato van Paddenburgh
2 Cala Glavin
B Sarah Edwards


C Harriet-Rose Noons
S Will Emmons
7 Freddie Harris
6 Dan Heasman
5 Guy Pilbeam
4 Alistair Garfoot
3 Charlie Jackson
2 Eloi Marin-Amat
B Jacob Vivian


C Ruairidh South
S Naomi Flagg
7 Jessye Aggleton
6 Amanda Munsch
5 Correlli van Hulten
4 Allison Doane
3 Lara Kotecha
2 Marianne O’Connor
B Ella Walsh
Subs: Laura Hawkins, Helen Carswell


C Gary Wu & Nayyar Jamie
S Alex Allison
7 Tim McGinnis
6 Matt Abel
5 Toran Sharma
4 Evan Cunningham
3 Mike Leach
2 Ross Johnstone
B Riccardo Gasparotto

Harriet-Rose Noons, Sophie Faron, and Jamie Keene will be representing HCBC whilst rowing in W2 this Summer Eights.

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