HCBCS Constitution Changes & Committee Positions

The Hertford College Boat Club Society AGM will be taking place at 11am on Sunday 11th October at Longbridges Boathouse.  As you may well be aware, several members of our committee are having to stand down at this AGM.  The Boat Club Society faces exciting challenges in the coming year as we try to significantly increase the financial support we are able to offer the boat club as well as improve on our current range of events and alumni engagement. We would therefore very much welcome applicants from anyone interested in any of our committee positions:

– Chairman
– Treasurer
– Secretary
– Membership Officer
– Communications Officer
– Events Officer  

Please email Rachel Roberts and Dan Hughes-Morgan to express interest in or ask questions relating to any of the committee positions.

Proposed changes to the current HCBCS constitution (from 1988!) will also be discussed and voted on at the AGM.  Links to the current 1988 Constitution and proposed amendment are as follows:

Proposed 2015 changes to HCBCS Constitution [19.5kB .DOC]
1988 HCBCS Constitution [15.9kB .DOC]

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the AGM.

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