Christ Church Regatta Race Reports – Day 3

WA – lost to New WC
Our race today against New didn’t get off to the best start, but after straightening up again we set off at a good pace. Unfortunately we never quite managed to catch them, but did manage to close the gap we had created at the start. We have definitely all really improved over the last few days and it was great to have a good last race together. A big thanks to Marie for being a fabulous cox!
– Abie Witts

WB- lost to Trinity WA
Today Hertford WB faced Trinity WA. After a bit of a shaky start, Trinity gained a lead on us in the first 10 strokes. Praying they would crab we pushed hard and kept close behind them, but were never able to regain the distance. Ultimately we finished the race a little less than a boat length behind.
-Dustin Fire

A massive congratulations to all the rowers and coxes who competed this week, to coaches Simon and George, and to the wonderful Annie, Alex and Marie for all their hard work with the novice side this term!

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