Torpids 2016: Rowing On

Much like a Shakespearian tragedy, M3’s day has had a series of unfortunate twists that, alas have left them without a bungline for Torpids.

First came the news that the news that the result of rowing on had been declared a dead heat between Hertford and St. Benet’s. M3 would have to face off against them in a side by side race to decide the 14th place spot. The time was set – The Isis, Tuesday, Sundown.

Alas, it was found late in the day, buried deep within the Torpids rulebook that any dead heats had to be settled by midnight the following day, lest the fate of the crews be decided by the flip of a coin. ‘TO THE ERGS’ came the cry, with both crews frantically searching for a place where the two crews could face off on those most infernal devices.

Finally, as the crews were preparing to enter the gladitorial arena, a Deus Ex Machina appeared – a St John’s appeal upheld, pushing the two rival crews out of contention for the final bungline. In the end, Hertford M3’s torpids campaign came to an end with a sad email, rather than the mighty roar we have come to expect (expecially when Charlie Wang is in the bow seat)

Oh never was there a tale of more woe, than Hertford M3 and their being denied the chance to row.

Seriously though, really proud of what the M3 guys achieved with such little water time this term. I suspect a lot of the crews that beat them were stacked with ex-rowers who didn’t wan to train, but had more water expeience. Come Eights, M3 will be back fighting!


Alex Allison

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  1. George Ujvary says:

    Keep the momentum you’ve built going for Summer Eights M3!!


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