Torpids 2016 – Wednesday Race Reports

M1 Race Report

Injuries and weather meant we did not have the preparation that we had desired when we regrouped at the start of term. Changing our Strokeman just over a week out was definitely not bad of the plan, however we had pulled together to overcome the potential pitfalls (including some lethal hidden chillis in the previous night’s crew dinner). The experience of the crew varied from seasoned bumps veterans with numerous trips to the bunglines to Isis newcomers. We arrived at the boathouse unsure of what to expect from the crews either side of us, we had to set out hard and keep pushing.

We set off to warm up heading up past the boathouses, psychological warfare had begun. This plan was scuppered by the launch at the tail end of Womens Div 1 leaving the river looking like Storm Imogen had just blown through. Still unperturbed we paddled down to the bunglines to collect our thoughts for the coming minutes.

A solid start led to us gaining almost half a length on Wadham before we struggled with the wash and chop underneath Donnington Bridge allowing them to pull away over the next 40-50 seconds. Ru took a fantastic line through the Gut meaning we could recover our rhythm as we straightened onto Greenbanks. We rediscovered a solid punchy 36 which meant Wadham were unable to open the gap further. Meanwhile behind us Trinity had made no impression and were falling back getting close to the clutches of Catz. A fresh start tomorrow beckons and with known quantities behind and ahead of us it is our opportunity to build on the experience of today and improve again.

Steve Crabb 7 seat – president/stand in captain

W1 Race Report

After numerous last-minute substitutions and changes due to illness, W1 was nevertheless, as always in high spirits and bringing the hype when it came to meeting on Wednesday afternoon. Featuring Rosie, whose finalist fitness levels made her dread every part of the race ahead at the prospect of potential death, missing a sick American that was hauled up in bed, and being cheered on by the appointed Head Cheerleader Charlotte on the bank, we set off to a solid start as the gun fired. Although we gained on Balliol with our speedy start, they sadly quickly started to pull away again once everyone had reached the stride. Losing sight of a relatively slow and demoralised Worcester behind us, we settled into a solid rhythm and prepared for the long row over ahead. Although it was rather long, it was definitely some of the best rowing we have done all term (not that we have even managed to be in a boat that much) and there is definitely still more to give in the next couple of days. Sadly we only managed lived up to half of Annie’s sassy tweet (for reference: ‘W1 gearing up for a quick bump on @balliolrowing and an easy escape from @WCBC_Oxford #failiol #bailiLOL #WORSEter’ – commendable hashtag effort), but I am sure we will make good progress on the second part tomorrow! All around well done to everyone who raced, having never rowed together in that combination before, it was definitely a very promising start to the week.

Marie Becker Stroke – Captain

M2 Race Report

M2’s first race of Torpids started with the crew sitting at 6th in Division 4, with Green Templeton M1 breathing down our necks (or at least our cox’s) and Jesus M2 in our sights. After a shaky start GT had some trouble, allowing us to put some distance between us and focus on pursuing Jesus. Unfortunately however GT would not be denied, and were closing the gap down by the time we exited the gut. After seeing Jesus bump Trinity M2 ahead of them, a tactical decision was made to concede to GT in favour of trying to catch Trinity over the remaining race. Without having to worry about GT anymore, the crew worked hard and kept the quality up in hopes of catching Trinity before the line. Despite managing to get the gap down to a quarter of a length, there simply wasn’t enough water left to catch them, and we finished one place down the division for our troubles. However we all know that neither was Rome built, nor Torpids raced, in a day, and hope remains that (though they again start two places ahead of us on the river) Trinity won’t be able to outrun us forever.

Cox Nayyar “Kill Them” Jamie
Stroke Richard “Feel the Burn” Tanburn
7 Jacob “What’s the Dress-code?” Vivian
6 Jong “Waistband” Kwon
5 Jack “The Accuser” Waterman
4 Milo “Mr Blue Legs” Rignell
3 Patrick “Sub-par Sub” Austin
2 Ali “Row till You Bleed” Duffey
Bow Ross “The Boss” Johnstone

W2 Race Report to Follow.

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