Summer Eights 2016 – Wednesday Race Reports

Hertford’s 2016 Summer Eights campaign got off to a strong start today with no bumps conceded by any crews, and a glorious bump each for W1 and M2! Read on to hear about the action:


M1: Rowed Over

Hertford M1 pushed off with high hopes having just heard of W1’s bump over the tannoy. Unfortunately, despite a strong start and a decent performance overall it was not to be. In the end, the result was a solid row-over with Catz never threatening the stern and New pulling away from our bow during a dodgy stretch of rowing under Donny bridge. Will be looking to further crush anything resembling hope that Catz still possess with another solid race tomorrow.

Mitch Fruin – Bow

Stroke: Simon Zieleniewski
7: Henry Penrose
6: Steve Crabb (P)
5: Chris Jones
4: Simon Jacobi
3: Guy Pilbeam
2: Rob House
Bow: Mitch Fruin
Cox: Ruairidh South

W1: Bumped New College

We came into the first day of eights knowing that we really needed to bump New College – mainly to avoid the dreaded long row over but also, given that it was certain that they wouldn’t reach Wolfson, because we didn’t want to be back behind them again tomorrow. After a confident warm up with some of the best starts we’ve done all term (those six outings a week paying off at last), we were ready to go for the bump.

We set off with another strong start, initially striding to a quick rate 35 before settling into our rhythm. Fortunately, we didn’t have much to worry about with Somerville behind us, but the combination of several crews bumping out in front and the wall beside us meant that we had a lot of dirty water to row through. As we approached the gut, we prepared ourselves for a long row, but suddenly heard Hannah’s whistle and Joe’s call that we were only half a length away from New’s bow. This was quickly followed by Joe’s call for a ‘six-six- six’ (a final push of six sharp catches, six strong finishes and six on the legs), which we know signals the final push to the bump. Having prepared ourselves for a long race we were all surprised (and relieved) to have bumped so quickly.

Although it was perhaps a surprise to catch New so quickly, we knew from the start that we couldn’t have done any more in our preparation for today. We have been out more than any other women’s crew on the river and bumping today showed that our motto of ‘trusting the process’ really has paid off. Tomorrow we are going to return to the Isis with the same determination that we showed today. We are going to be chasing Balliol who we fought hard to bump in Torpids, and bumping them would set us up well to catch a falling Teddy Hall and St Johns. Although a bump tomorrow might not be easy, we have definitely given ourselves the best possible start to the week.

Abie Witts – Four Seat

Stroke: Marie Becker (C)
7: Annie Taylor (VC)
6: Emma Lukasiewicz
5: Hannie Knox
4: Abie Witts
3: Sarah Edwards
2: Amy Holguin
Bow: Ros Martin
Cox: Joe Hitchen (CofC)

M2: Bumped Worcester II

‘The stupidly early mornings, the gruelling ergs, the frogs… Was it all worth it?’ This was the question ringing in the heads of the 8 mighty M2 rowers as they waited, adrenaline pumping on bung line 9. ‘I guess it was, since I got these filthy leggings from it all’ they thought answering their own question. Everything felt right, they warmed up with plenty of time, their 2 practice starts on the water were utter perfection, and the frail Worcester M2 was on the next bung line up, just waiting to fall victim to the powerhouse that was the Hertford M2. BANG! The go gun went off, and Hertford powered through their start sequence that they knew oh so well. On the bung line behind St Catz M2 must’ve had like 5 blue’s rowers because somehow they gained charged straight towards Hertford and quickly ate up ½ a length within the first 20 strokes. But Hertford were gaining on Worcester faster. By the 30 stroke mark, Hertford had gained 1 length on Worcester, and were still moving fast, however with every colossal stroke, the wash from the Worcester crew was causing the Hertford crew to lose their balance and finesse. The cox Gary Wu noticing this, gave the pivotal call to ‘relaaaaaax’ and with that returned the skill and balance of the Hertford 2nd VIII. Just past City of Oxford Rowing Club, 40 strokes in, did they push for a final 10 strokes until finally the cox of Worcester M2 concede. It was a short but noble effort by Worcester, and this deserved the 3 cheers that Hertford gave them. A good start to Summer VIIIs 2016, let’s hope Hertford M2 can continue this trend.

Jong Kwon – Stroke

Stroke: Jong Kwon
7: Jacob Vivian
6: Charlie Jackson
5: Toran Sharma
4: Alex Allison (VC)
3: Jack Waterman
2: Milo Rignell
Bow: Ross Johnstone
Cox: Gary Wu

W2: Rowed Over

W2’s journey of the Summer VIII’s begun at the 4th place of Women’s Division IV. Magdalen II were just in our line of sight and Trinity II keeping close watch on us. The tension was really high, and we had a lot to prove after the unfortunate event that was Torpids 2016. We started strong, reducing the distance between us and Magdalen II to ¾ of a length just after Donnington Bridge. By the time we reached the entrance to the Gut we had two minor crab issues and dropped a bit of speed. Magdalen pulled away, but we regained composure and focus and came out clean from the Gut. At the other end Trinity II never got close to us and by the point we passed Hertford Boathouse they was out of the game – bumped by Christ Church. The tail pressure was reduced, but we kept on pushing as New College II appeared in the distance behind. Sadly we never came close again to reaching Magdalen II. Nonetheless we rowed over, which is already a better result than at Torpids, and we will have our revenge eventually. Having tested the water and gotten quite close we know what we need to do during the next race. Brace yourselves tomorrow we are going hunting for that bump on Magdalen II…

Kaja Fenn – Six Seat

Stroke: Ella Walsh
7: Nicollette Herrera
6: Kaja Fenn
5: Bridget Johns
4: Marilyn Vaccaro
3: Dustin Fire
2: Amy Grace Whitsey Franklin
Bow: Libera Assini
Cox: Katie Hiscocks

M3: Rowed Over

Wednesday saw M3 as the first Hertford crew on the river for Summer 8s, and the first time ever racing in bumps for a number of the crew. In order to avoid any (more) unwanted fines, the crew got the boat out and to the raft in record time, even without the valuable assistance of our regular bowman Charlie Wang who was unable to attend, but left his GoPro to the boat ensuring his spirit stayed with us. Coming off the start line we were strong, and held our heads whilst the boats around us bumped out. Merton M3 fell before we’d finished winding up, leaving us as the last racing crew on the river. Ahead of us, Linacre were also caught early by John’s leaving Hugh’s as the boat for us to catch. Despite our start, they were able to gain a respectable lead on us before we’d reached the gut. After rocking our way past Longbridges, we found a new calm, sustainable rhythm, whilst Hugh’s, without anyone to chase, began to burn out along with their dreams of blades. The second half of the race saw us holding the distance with them all the way to the finish, though sadly nothing more than that. Tomorrow will therefore see us starting on the same bungline, with the same boat in our sights (initially at least), though hope remains that once Linacre drop far enough down the table, we’ll manage a bump, especially for those crew members who haven’t yet had the pleasure. Fear the Deer.

Patrick Austin – Six Seat

Stroke: Ali Duffey
7: Tobi Endlich
6: Patrick Austin
5: Matt Wilson
4: Rob Parkin-O’Brien
3: Richard Tanburn
2: Kostas Laurinaitis
Bow: Gary Wu
Cox: Joe Wynn


Well done to all rowers. Stay tuned for for more tales from the Isis tomorrow!

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