Autumn Fours race reports – victory again for W1!

Boat A race report

Bow – Hannie Knox
2 – Marie Becker
3 – Ros Martin
Stroke – Abie Witts
Cox – Joe Hitchen

Arriving at the boathouse at 1:30 we were not sure what to expect of the day. After two weeks of strong training sessions we were excited for the day, but only focusing only the first race. The weather was cool and clear and anticipation filled the air.

Round 1- the intimidation factor: Univ hat the potential to be our hardest race of the day so we were prepared for a fight. After a light warm up we lined up and got ready to take them down. After a shaky start we strode out and refocused. Despite being slightly scrappy we maintained a good rhythm right until the end, with Univ left in the dust.

Round 2- catch us if you can: Elated but not resting on our laurels we boated and got ready for the next fight. After a smooth start we strode out into a smooth rhythm of thirty-four. In contrast to the first race we effortlessly shot down the Isis leaving Somerville with no hope of recovery. Crossing the finishing line after such a smooth piece meant we had energy reserved for the final.

Round 3- the final count down: Crunch time. The mood was high at the prospect of what was in our grasp. However Trinity were not going to surrender easily. Pushing off to line up in front of the Hertford boathouse, we were all prepared for the battle. After the call of start we began our start; three-quarter, half, half, three-quarter, full, and then time to send the boat sailing on. Trinity were also ready for a struggle to the finish, but we were not going to give them a chance. With shouts of ‘all or nothing’ from our coach, Molly, on the bank we all gave it our all. No point reserving anything for after. It was now or never. When we passed Univ boathouse a second wave of Hertford cries drove us on. Joe called out the distance, 200 meters remaining, 100 meters to go, and then the last two strokes. WE SMASHED IT!!!!!! Another victory for the Hertford Hype Train. With the title of fastest four on the Isis, the precedent is set for another great year of Hertford rowing.

Hannie Knox – Bow

Boat B race report

Bow – Bridget Johns
2 – Kaja Fenn
3 – Amy Wright
Stroke – Amy Holguin
Cox – Joe Wynn

It was a surprisingly mild autumn day as our heroes sat on the edge of the gut, looking out towards the start line. For once they were actually early, and since the racing was late they got a good old look at the Hilda’s crew they were up against. Of late a little ill-feeling had developed between the colleges (a JCR motion was passed declaring us ‘at war’…) so feeling was, if not riding high, certainly riding higher than usual. The Hertford 4 took its place on the county side, the cox straightened the line and all was set for a short sprint along the attenuated course. With a shout from the bank they were off, calls of ‘draw’ from both crews echoing along the gut as the boats set off in a steely display of gritted teeth and rugged determination. A strong start from the Hildabeest saw the gap widen off the start, and a poor racing line along green banks saw the Hertford boat start to lag. Digging deep, however, our girls in red (and white) held the gap, and some might’ve said they even put some distance into the Hilda’s boat. However, as they rounded the corner towards Boathouse Island a push from the Hilda’s boat left the plucky Hertford crew in their wake. With heads held high the Hertford crew passed the barge moored to their left to cross the line with a flourish, the result unable to dampen the glorious sunshine of an October afternoon. As they returned to Longbridges to the soundtrack of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On (blasted from the coxing seat) they decided, all things considered, it hadn’t been a bad race. It wasn’t, however, quite good enough.

Joe Wynn- Cox


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