Christ Church Regatta 2016: Day 1 Race Reports


Cox: Joe Wynn
Stroke: Catherine Dumbill
7: Hae Jin Yang
6: Isabella Reynard
5: Annie Ault
4: Morgan Nguyen
3: Zara Ahmad
2: Alice Maynes
Bow: Jenna Christiansen

The female novice boat (WA) had our first ever race against Lincoln on Wednesday. Unfortunately blue flag meant Sophie our trusty novice cox who’d been with us all term couldn’t race, Lucky for us Joe W stepped up to the mark. The fast streams proved a challenge for cox Joe. Significant drift lead to a false start and two collisions over the course of the race, We took the lead after the collision but unfortunately Lincoln came out of the collision a little less unphased and pulled ahead over the closing stretch to defeat Hertford on the first day of the Regatta. We are optimistic we can come back from this to defeat Oriel on Thursday afternoon!


Cox: Joe ‘King Cox’ Hitchen
Stroke: Maciej ‘Overly Keen Strokeman’ Bugala
7: Rowan ‘The Machine’ Schrecker
6: Maciek ‘I’m Quiting Rowing After Christchurch’ Peplinski
5: Matt ‘Grey Jumper‘ Bosomworth
4: Sam ‘Bossman’ Gledhill
3: Oliver ‘The Mountain’ Jones
2: David ‘Hammer’ Sanders
Bow: Andrew ‘Take a Tap’ Ng
The Red Stags’ campaign kicked off promisingly as they emerged victorious in a comfortable win over Somerville Mens B boat. Guided by the experienced eye of coxswain Joe Hitchen, Hertford Men A secured an impressive 5 & ½ boat length lead, concluding Day 1 of the regatta for the novice crew.The race began with Hertford destroying Somerville’s stuttered start advantage within the first couple of seconds, pulling ahead to establish a decisive lead over their opponents. Every stroke seemed to widen the gap between the two crews, and after only 100 metres the outcome of the race seemed very predictable in favour of the Hertford men. As the crew continued to row towards the finish, Hertford presence could be felt from the river banks, with cheers of support and relief dominating the atmosphere. The Stags reached the finish in good fashion, demonstrating a high level of rowing seldom seem in the novice boats, and intimidating any competition watching.The crew advanced to the next round and will be facing the winner of Keble D vs Balliol C on Friday. Hopefully the triumph over Somerville gave the Hertford crew a confidence boost and setting a good standard for the upcoming races.


Cox: Joe ‘King Cox’ Hitchen
Stroke: Philippa ‘the Beast’ Thornton
7: Penny ‘Big Strong Boy’ Hyde
6: Antony ‘Can I still smoke during the drinking ban’ Dimopoulos
5: Jong ‘has been rowing since he was 11’ Kwon
4: Daniel ‘keen bean’ Stokley
3: Moises ‘the person writing this report hasn’t spoken to him much but he seems like a really nice guy’ Hernandez
2: Jack ‘in it for the stash’ Yates
Bow: Sophie ‘an effort was made, a crab was had’ Shao
Hertford showed off all the hard work put in this term, with some excellent timing and balance, and looking fierce in their ‘FEAR THE DEER’ shirts. They pulled ahead of Brasenose by more than a length and came within sight of the finish line before chaos descended at Bow with an almighty crab, a seat jamming, 2 nearly being ejected from his seat by Bow (sorry Jack) and Bow having to row back up the river without a seat. All in all it was a really strong race and the C boat is looking forward to redemption tomorrow.

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