Christ Church Regatta 2016: Day 2 Race Reports

Hertford MB

Cox: Joe ‘dependable’ Hitchen
Stroke: Simon ‘king of strokes’ Neumaier
7: Daniel ‘wing man’ Aldridge
6: Cameron ‘sit this one out’ Brown
5: Harry ‘helper’ Connor
4: Alasdair ‘eyes forward’ Chi
3: Oscar ‘fancy foot’ Rudenstam
2: Freddie ‘second mate’ von Kaufmann
Bow: Hamish ‘Dr bow’ Streeter

They say that Oxford fails to teach you vocational skills, but after the amount of crabs caught by Men’s Boat B today, a fishing career looks increasingly promising. The first race of the day was against Oriel A, and though Oriel secured an impressive lead in the early stages of the race, Hertford quickly launched into a surging attack, narrowing the gap between the two boats with every stroke. But it was not to be, a crab immobilised the Hertford boat, and the crew limped onwards to the finish line. Team spirits were still high for the second race of the day against University College B, and both boats had good starts. But mysteriously a seat snapped in two, forcing one rower to stop, precluding any chance of winning. It was a disappointing day, though between the crabs, broken seats, cracked oars, and various other mishaps, the crew showed excellent promise for future races. Indeed, by the mysterious algorithms of the Christchurch Regatta, Men’s Boat B are through to the next round, and all crew members are eager to show their prowess over the longer distance of 1km.

Hertford MC

Cox: Joe ‘Keep calm and cox on’ Hitchen
Stroke: Philippa ‘Drinking ban’ Thornton
7: Penny ‘Was that a crab?’ Hyde
6: Antony ‘Broken Blade’ Dimopoulos
5: Jong ‘The novice’ Kwon
4: Daniel ‘No warm up required’ Stokley
3: Moises ‘Questionable stretches’ Hernandez
2: Jack ‘Have a banana’ Yates
Bow: Sophie ‘Did we win?’ Shao

After an undeserved defeat at the hands of a last minute monster crab yesterday, the crew were ready to show their full potential out on the course today. After a gentle paddle on a still swollen Isis, Hertford line up to face their competition, St John’s A. With a solid start giving the stags an early lead, St John’s soon made up the ground and the crews were neck and neck. A momentary crab from the Hertford 7 seat allowed the competition to take the lead, but two strokes later all eight were back in time and rowing strong. Being a friendly boat, Hertford hadn’t the pressure of the other crews but nonetheless laid down all the power to come back and beat St John’s to the finish by quarter of a length. Unfortunately this victory is the end of the journey for this Hertford boat, having showed that the deer truly should be feared. Best of luck to the MA and MB crews in their upcoming races.

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