Christ Church Regatta 2016: Final Day Race Reports

Hertford MA

Cox: Patrick ‘Klaxon’ Austin
Stroke: Maciej ‘Eyes Forward’ Bugala
7: Rowan ‘Rowin’ Schrecker
6: Maciek ‘Peplinski’ Peplinski
5: Matthew ‘The Danger’ Bosomworth
4: Sam ‘Big G’ Gledhill
3: Oliver ‘Shorts and Leggings’ Jones
2: David ‘2 swoll 2 control’ Sanders
Bow: Andrew ‘Bow Before Me’ Ng

Hertford MA’s second day of racing got off to a strong start, with a convincing win over Keble D (mixed boat). This being their second win, they had already become the most successful Hertford crew in Christchurch Regatta for a number of years. Despite the staggered start, Hertford quickly pulled ahead of Keble and remained there for the rest of the race. As the finish line drew closer, Hertford where able to greatly extend their lead, remaining strong whilst Keble began to make mistakes. After a short break, Hertford MA were up again, this time against New MB. The Stags hoped to avenge their comrades in Hertford MB, who had be beaten that very afternoon by New MA. New started the race strong and built up a significant lead. Hertford soon found their rhythm and started to claw it back, inspired by the fervent shouting of novice cox Patrick Austin. But it wasn’t to be – Hertford finished their final race around 1/2 length behind. Disappointed to have lost, but happy with their performance, Hertford’s foremost crew began to row back towards their boathouse. After queueing by boathouse island, they were instructed by a (frankly unhinged) race marshall to cross the racing lane and land at University College boathouse on the opposite bank. No sooner than they had begun crossing did they realise the next race had already been started! Boldly going where no cox had gone before, Patrick Austin instructed the crew to row all eight at full power, hoping to speed across the river, but only managing to move bang into the middle of the lane. As the racing crews approached, klaxons sounded, signalling the cancelling of the race, and a furious Patrick Austin guided his crew back to safety. An exciting end to Hertford’s 2016 Christchurch Regatta campaign indeed.

Hertford MB

Cox: Patrick Austin
Stroke: Simon Neumaier
7: Daniel Aldrigde
6: Cameron Brown
5: Harry Connor
4: Alasdair Chi
3: Oscar Rudenstam
2: Freddie Von Kaufmann
Bow: Hamish Streeter

Hertford Men’s B entered the third round of the 2016 Christchurch regatta with expectations significantly lowered after their opening two races. However, what was lacked in confidence was made up for with grit, guts, and determination against the New College A boat. Hertford got off to a slower start and continued this trend with slower middle and end sections of the 1km course, though maintaining a high intensity throughout. Whilst never truly in contention, in this race no crabs were caught and Hertford B gave an honest account of their training and hard work in the build up to the race. Well done to everyone, we gave it our best!

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