Isis Winter League Race Reports

IWL B – 27th November 2016

1st Race:

Bow: Bridget Johns
2: Ros Martin
3: Hannie Knox
Stroke: Amy Holguin
Cox: Joe Wynn

After turning up to the chaos that is an IWL division trying to get itself in order, the first Hertford women’s four got off to an unconventional start to their time trial, forced to begin from a rather rushed stationary instead of the usual rolling start. However, we coped well with the interruption, getting up to rate and settling into a strong racing rhythm. As we left Donnington Bridge behind us and came up to the gut we kept putting the pressure on Wolfson, closing the gap between us by several lengths. Unfortunately, just outside Longbridges our bow seat suffered a moderate crab, allowing them to pull away from us and away down the Greenbank. Thankfully it wasn’t a boat-stopping disaster though, and spurred on by the encouragement of our coach, Mollie, we regained our focus well and continued giving all our energy down Boathouse Island and up to the coxing stone. While our time might not be as strong as it could have been sans-crab, we still put in a promising performance and are feeling confident as we go into the winter break. We’re excited to build on this experience throughout the rest of the year!

Bridget Johns, Bow

2nd Race:

Bow: Miranda Ryan
2: Ros Martin
3: Hannie Knox
Stroke: Amy Holguin
Cox: Joe Wynn

After a pause at Longbridges for a crew switch and a samosa delivery for Joe, we headed back down to the start. We were slightly late this time so there was no waiting around at the start, and, learning from last time, we left a reasonable gap between us and the St Anne’s M4+ and were able to wind up into our racing rhythm. Spurred on by Joe and Mollie’s encouragements we settled onto a slightly slower but still strong rate. However, once again our Bow suffered a crab, at almost exactly the same point of the course, and while we recovered quickly we lost some focus along greenbanks, allowing the Wolfson crew behind us to edge closer. Regaining our composure, we pushed off them with a power 10, and managed to slow their advance. Still pushing off them, we rowed our hardest from Univ boathouse to the coxing stone, but with three of us on our second race, and Wolfson with four fresh rowers, they continued to gain on us and we ended the race with them finishing a mere few seconds behind us. Still, we refused to be overtaken and the commitment to keeping ahead of them was commendable. We finish the term proud of our improvements and achievements.

Ros Martin, 2 Seat


IWL C – Sunday 22nd January

Bow: Hannie Knox
2: Amy Holguin
3: Annie Ault
4: Philippa Thornton
5: Penny Hyde
6: Marie Becker
7: Ros Martin
Stroke: Abie Witts
Cox: Joe Wynn

On Sunday 22nd, W1 completed the IWL course twice, fuelled by general hype aka Tangfastics. Despite losing a screw for the GoPro to the depths of the Isis within seconds of being in the boat and not actually filming any of the races as we hoped to, the rest of the day went extremely well.

We set off on the first stretch and immediately hit a strong rhythm, almost imminently followed by nearly hitting the Catz crew that had set off in front of us. Amidst negotiations between Joe and the Catz cox throughout the gut, we somehow all made it out alive without stopping. From then on we rowed cleanly and solidly to the finish line, ahead of the widening gap to the Catz boat behind. After refuelling, to the envy of many crews, with Tangfastics in the spinning area, we rowed back up to the start. Round two looked much the same, with Catz being replaced by Regent’s, but the overtake being a much less dangerous and close one. After crossing the finish line for the final time, Tangfastics featured yet again, under the dulcet tones of Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will go on’ through the microphone (still unclear why Joe chose that song).

Overall both rows were extremely strong and promising for our first racing experience of the term and only our 5th time rowing together. Despite being a relatively new crew, there was a lot of focus throughout the two pieces and we can only go away being extremely happy with our performance. We hope that this has set the tone for a great term ahead! Well done to everyone who rowed!


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