Worcester Regatta 2018: Race Reports

Last Sunday the M1 entered into Worcester Regatta, with intent to replicate the victory from the year before, and get vital race practice before the first day of Summer VIIIs. The VIII were indeed victorious once again, though the IV went out in the semi-final.


Cox Ettie ‘is this still the Thames’ Caverly

Stroke Danny ‘i got a Nat Schools medal’ de Rozairo

7 Harry ‘Believes flora light is factor 30’ Connor

6 Hamish ‘Bend and Send’ Streeter

5 Jack ‘its just a tan’ Waterman

4 Oscar ‘not Jim’s dog’ Dimdore Miles

3 Alex ‘i like trains’ Allison

2 Freddie ‘glory boy’ Von Kaufman

Bow Patrick ‘drama queen’ Austin

After crushing the hopes and dreams of Radley 2nd VIII (J15s) the Hertford M1 embarked on the 1h30 train journey to Worcester with an unusual confidence as things felt like they’re coming together. We rigged up and got the boat on the water. The narrow transit lane meant warming up was restricted but in the endless queue that was the marshalling area our warm up began. The first few practice starts were a bit choppy but after a few lightning strikes, the experienced Worcester RC crew knew thunder was coming. Following Jim’s advice to tactically manipulate the start line the Go went, Harry’s hammer dropper and we stormed off. The rate wound up to 43 and we broke clear before our stride call which gave Alex the Professor no time to shout his usual ‘bowball’. We settled at 38 and held them at about a length with what seemed to be greater than the usual cover and continued to extend our lead. Before long we crossed the line and the bell rang winning by 3 lengths. Unfortunately we didn’t get King of the Mountain on Strava but we did go 1s faster than last year. We collected our Pots and received a disproportionately large trophy for 2mins of racing. The feeling of victory was unusual for most of the crew but this last racing experience before 8s has lifted crew spirits for what could be a promising week.


Stroke – Hamish Streeter

3 – Jack Waterman

2 – Freddie von Kaufmann

Bow – Harry Connor

After having only one outing with the chosen four, Hertford were feeling enthusiastic, yet perhaps somewhat underprepared for racing in the four. Nonetheless, after a thrilling success in the VIII, we boated from the raft eager for further glory. We had our work cut out for us- our first race was against four particularly tall rowers from Bristol, who looked rather menacing in their wrapped sunglasses and matching race kit. After over an hour of queuing for the start, allowing us to work on our tans, or in Jack’s case, his sunburn, we set off with a hesitant rate 36. However we quickly settled into a fast rhythm, and started inching ahead of Bristol with every stroke. After a patchy mid section of the race, we regained our power, making long strokes that pushed Bristol away. We won convincingly with a solid length between the two boats. We were thrilled to have confounded our own expectations, and after a quick break we were boating again, this time to race against four even taller rowers from the University of Birmingham. With each of them having about 6 inches of height over us, we were even less confident about our chances. But we gave it our all, and lasted most of the race neck and neck. Towards the end they started to edge away, and we lost by mere seconds. Considering we had only one outing as the four, we were rather surprised to have held up so well against a solid university team. Perhaps we will return next year, having had a few more training sessions, and claim the IV pots.

We finished the day happy with our success- and very pleased with our strong improvements over the term. Bring on Summer VIII’s, FTD

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