Oxford City Regatta: Race Report

On Sunday 19th August, a W1 4+ raced in the 500m Sprint event at Oxford City Regatta.


Cox – Jack Yates

Stroke – Ellie Van Vogt

3 – Harriet Thomas

2 – Kaja Fenn

Bow – Grace Davis

Our first race, which was against Merton College started off well. It was a 500m race and after we could see a considerable gap forming between our boat and Merton’s boat after a minute, we knew we had won. Nevertheless, we kept pushing and won the race to send us through to the finals.

After this victory, our esteem was high and we were ready to go out and smash another race. This race was the final against Wolfson, and whilst we knew that Wolfson are an incredibly strong team, we also knew that we had been training very hard all summer. We started off strong, staying at first nearly neck and neck with Wolfson. However, about 30 seconds in, Wolfson began to slowly creep forwards.

We ended up in a close second place, showing that all our training this summer is paying off.

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