Torpids 2019: Friday Race Reports


Started: 4th in WDiv1

Bumped Oriel

Finished: 3rd in WDiv1


Bow: Susie Webster

Ellie van Vogt

Allison Carrington

Kaja Fenn

Kate Furber

Philippa Thornton

Harriet Thomas

Stroke: Caitlin Donahue

Cox: Jack Yates

Following the unexpected but welcome success of Thursday, Hertford’s W1 returned with a fresh mentality, determined to prove that yesterday was no fluke. The sun had begun to shine through the clouds when we reached the bung line, with all the crew remaining calm and collected.

The start was strong, and we eventually settled into a strong rhythm under Donny Bridge. Jack’s strong calls for balance and power meant we immediately began edging away from Keble, with our focus only on catching the boat in front.

Loud cheers erupted as we exited the gut past the boathouse, providing motivation to power through the final half. On the approach to Green Banks there was a boat and a half’s length between us and Oriel, but we maintained our rhythm and poise, steadily gaining ground on them.

Only three quarters of a boat length between us and Oriel remained as we powered past the other boat houses. Jack’s call of a power 10 allowed us to enter a fierce chase down the home stretch. We began to overlap with Oriel but the cox would not concede, resulting in Hertford physically bumping Oriel to secure the win.

Following this success, Hertford’s W1 return tomorrow, with the chance of securing blades looking even more positive.


Started: 8th in MDiv1

Bumped by Teddy Hall

Finished: 9th in MDiv1


Bow : Patrick Austin
Fritz Björklund
Rafee Ahmed
Philipp Schelhaas
Antonis Dimopuoulos
Hamish Streeter
Harry Connor
Stroke: Danny de Rozairo
Cox : Abbi Colwyn

M1 started the day 8th Division 1 after a brilliant row over yesterday. Today they were being chased by a quick Teddy Hall M1. 

After an inspirational team chat by captain Hamish Streeter before boating, he boys got on the water and produced their most solid warm up set of the week. 

The boys got off to a quick start, gaining on Balliol revenge seemed to be within our grasp has we closed to a length by Donny Bridge. However Teddy Hall were big, fast, and unfortunately gaining. We were forced to concede in the middle gut.

This hit us hard and our concentration seemed to drop, letting Balliol slip away into the distance. The boys rowed well for the remainder of the race, always keeping Jesus at an arms length.

Tomorrow we will be looking to get back at the Hall and deny them their blades


Stroke – Leo Santoso

7 – Brian Josephson
6- Joel Buzzard
5– Stan
4 – Brooke Johnson
3 – Conor
2- Tetsuro Ono
Bow – Seb Quiroz
Cox – Lydia Coxon 
A tough day for the M2 as they slipped to the bottom of Div 5. Despite being the least experienced crew on the Isis, with most of them starting rowing just this term, the boys have pushed themselves to the limit every day week. Although the results have not been what they were hoping for, their commitment and ability to keep their heads up every day is a credit to the club


Started: 12th in WDiv4

Bumped by St Hughs

Finished : 1st in WDiv5


Cox Carlo
Stroke Lizzy
7 Georgie
6 Rebecca S
5 Rebecca N
4 Elizabeth
3 Lucy
2 Rosie
Bow Maddy

Despite a hectic Thursday which saw Maddy going for an early bath, W2 started the day in high spirits.

Chasing St Hughs, we caught an unfortunate crab off the start but recovered well. 

However at Donnington Bridge disaster struck as our amazing stroke women Lizzy started suffering from an asthma attack and somehow managed to produce a stunning one hand manoeuvre to take her inhaler while keeping the rate at 34. 

Unfortunately St Hughs got the bump and Lizzy had to take a trip to the medical tent after the race. The most important thing though is she is safe and well and we would like to give a massive shoutout to the medical team at this years torpids!

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  1. Dave Benson says:

    Well done w1. Let the force be with you.


  2. Dave Benson says:

    Great reporting. Congratulations to W1 powering up division 1.


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