Torpids 2019: Review and Saturday Reports



Torpids W1

Wednesday: +1 (bumped Christ Church)

Thursday: +1 (bumped Keble)

Friday: +1 (bumped Oriel)

Saturday: rowed over

Finished 3rd in WDiv1


Cox: Jack Yates

Stroke: Katie Donahue

7: Harriet Thomas

6: Philippa Thornton

5: Kate Furber

4: Kaja Fenn

3: Alison Carrington

2: Ellie van Vogt

Bow: Susie Webster (Wednesday- Penny Hyde)

Torpids has been a massive success for W1. Unfortunately, W1 did not bump on the Saturday to gain what would be historic blades. However, Torpids saw W1 move up 3 places to 3rd on the river, the highest they have been in 38 years! We are very proud of what we have achieved this term, it has given us the motivation to work even harder over the vacation and in the lead up to Summer VIIs where we hope to have another successful campaign!

M1 Torpids

Wednesday: -1 (bumped by Balliol)

Thursday: rowed over

Friday: -1 (bumped by Teddy Hall)

Saturday: -1 (bumped by Trinity)

Finished 10th in MDiv1

Saturday Race Report


Cox: Abbi (Protect your Cox) Colwyn

Stroke: Danny (can’t catch) de Rozairo

7: Harry (super sub) Connor

6: Hamish (strokes from 6) Streeter

5: Antonis (the scarf wearer) Dimopoulos

4: Philipp (McKinsey vs Goldman) Schellhaas

3: Rafee (threenius) Ahmed

2: Fritz (Protect my what?) Bjorklund

Bow: Patrick (the goose murderer) Austin

The final day of Torpids was a big one for Hertford M1. We had gone faster each day and this was going to be our peak performance of the week. We were chasing a very fast Teddy Hall who had caught us the previous day and were being chased by an equally fast Trinity and a Jesus crew behind them who were gunning to get us (#OxRow1586).

We had our final motivating briefing from Graham and Simon and then warmed up as normal on the ergs. The sliders were feeling slick and we were moving as one. But disaster struck minutes before boating as our Cox Orb wouldn’t turn on. Thankfully GTC lent us one without a moment’s hesitation.

We warmed up and spun onto our bung line early. The minutes counted down and we knew what we had to do. The starting gun went and we quickly built to rate 40 before striding down to 37. The boat was feeling set and driven and Trinity were only gaining on us slowly. However as we went under Donny Bridge and before entering the gut, Trinity made a move and we had to concede to avoid a tangle. We were about 5 lengths up on Jesus, the crew now chasing us, and they had been bumped so we really had to hold them off. With the Jesus bankrider blowing whistles from a mile off they closed on us but as a crew we responded really well and held them off finishing a good distance ahead.

This week has been a huge success for M1. The bumps charts may show us going down three, but we have bought three freshers into the crew this term. We have been really up against it this year but I cannot be more proud of the effort each individual has made every single outing. At the beginning of term there were rumours of spoons and possibly Division 2 but we proved everyone wrong and showed that we deserve to be in division one. A big shout out has to go to Abbi, our amazing cox, for steering some fantastic lines and making sure we were rowing our best. Additionally I’d like to thank Graham and Simon our coaches for the continued effort they are putting into the club.

Bring on Summer 8s!




W2 Torpids

Finished 5th in WDiv5

W2 Squad

Cox- Carlo Attubato

Maddy Czura

Rosie Bound

Lucy Oswald

Anna Manning

Rebecca Nicholls

Rebecca Simpson

Georgie Lang

Lizzy Skells

Imogen Harter Jones

Phili Kent

Grace Davies

Elizabeth Bennett


Unfortunately W2 slipped out of WDiv4 to 5th in WDiv5, however that does not tell the full story of an eventful week. After bumping on the Wednesday, the following days saw an ejector crab and even a mid-race asthma attack that required a trip to the medical tent. The Women’s Lowerboats squad have trained very hard this term and come together well as crew!



M2 TOrpids

Finished 1st in MDiv6

M2 Squad

Cox: Lydia Coxon

Oliver Bertholdi-Gibbons

Tetsuro Ono

Sebastian Quiroz

Brooke Johnson

Jonathan Topaz

Joel Buzzard

Brian Josephson

Leonardo Santoso

Ben Gardiner

Lucas Tse

Although the results have not gone the way of M2, we at the club are incredibly proud of the work they have put in this term. They were the least experienced crew on the Isis, with over half of the crew having started rowing this term. Despite a tough week facing crews with much greater levels of experience, their attitude throughout the week has been a credit to the club and we look forward to seeing what they can do at summer eights with an extra term under their belts.

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