Hertford Oxmas Regatta 2021

To round off a long and exciting term, an afternoon of friendly, mixed boat racing was planned for the last Wednesday of Week 8. With a mix of Seniors, Novices, and both W and M side together, the crews started with a healthy amount of competitive ambition. This was dampened somewhat when the clouds over our lovely Longbridges started to mist aggressively at us, but starjumps, festive wear and huddling under the balcony helped bolster team spirit. Unsure whether we were competing against eachother or the advancing rainclouds, the first crews were eager to push off so they could warm up as quickly as possible down the gut. Many crashes, horizontal crossing of the river (Evergiven-style), and renditions of “Jingle bells” later, the sky had cleared up for a lovely sunset, and we prepared ourselves for the race of the day: One mixed 8, versus another mixed 8, versus an OUBC rower in a single. Our congratulations to Jake Liebers in the single, who has proven himself a worthy victor (and a very good sport).

Unfortunately, now was the time the heavens decided to completely open. Fortunately, by the time all the shivering rowers cleared the river and re-racked their boats, they found a wonderfully warm display of food waiting for them upstairs in the boathouse. One to remember.

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