Summer VIIIs Day 3 – 28/05/2022


M1 Day 3 – Isaac Hilsley

Today was make or break day for us– we wanted to take a hold of our campaign and set ourselves up for plus three. We had a very strong warm-up, and the crew felt focussed. After a rapid start, up to rate 44, we were rapidly catching the strong New College crew. Coming out under Donny Bridge, we were within a length of them- we could feel the bump was coming. However, disaster- our racing line was just a bit too tight, and we glanced a tree on the bank, catching both our stroke and 6-man off guard. After that, we couldn’t reel the New College crew back in, but we finished proudly, albeit disappointed.

W1 Day 3 – Sophie Cook

After two days of bad luck on the river, we returned on the third day determined to change the tide. The sun was shining, the fans were screaming. We warmed up calmly, with our warm-up starts making even the ducks on the river fear the deer. As we approached our new bungline, we felt prepared and had Oriel W1 set in our sights ahead.

The gun fired. We set off to a great start. However, it seems we had overlooked our opponents behind us… Magdalen W1. It seems that after all that frollicking around in the deer park, they were well-acquainted with our blade pattern and just couldn’t resist some more deer hunting. After a choppy and well-fought battle around the corner and into the gut, they caught us. It looks as though they’ll be serving venison in hall tonight, but we’re determined that they’ll be eating humble pie for dessert tomorrow.

M2 Day 3 – Jakub Trybull

Day 3 was the turning point in our VIIIs campaign.
After a very close row-over behind Brasenose the day before, we were eager to give a big push. Peters, who have been making their way up the division were hot on our tails. After a quick warm up, motivation speech from Matt, and Olly stepping up to stroke (for the first time during racing), we pushed off into the river.
As the gun went to start the race, we pushed and pushed. Powering down at a high pace we were storming down the river. By the gut, Brasenose was catching up to Exeter, and Peters catching up to us. We were holding an overlap striking down all the power we could. For half of green banks we were trying everything we could to get away, but after an excellent effort, we got bumped.
Despite the result, the rowing was phenomenal, I could not have been more proud of how well we managed to hold Peter’s off- we were clearly not going to make it easy for them.

W2 Day 3 – Niamh Mateer

It’s day three of our bumps racing and we are trying to catch New College. We have a smooth start and are gaining on them right from the beginning. Lewis blows the whistle signalling that we are just one length away, then half a length and then just a canvas. We are coming out of the gut and I can hear the New college cox just behind me and am certain that we’ll bump them within the next few strokes. However, suddenly the booming sound of the klaxon surrounds us and we all have to stop rowing. We later find out that this was due to a pile up behind us under Donnington bridge. New College can’t believe their luck as we were within seconds of getting a concession from them! We row back to Longbridges disappointed but confident that we will catch them the following day…

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