Summer VIIIs Day 4 – 29/05/2022


M1 Day 4 – Isaac Hilsley

After an unlucky campaign, we had a final chance for redemption. We were behind Merton- to our captain’s delight- who we all (he) saw as our rival crew. If we could bump them, that would send them back to +0, and us to +2. We were cheered on by New at the start line- it looked like we weren’t the only crew who wanted to see Merton get bumped. Both crews had very quick starts, but we clawed a bit of ground up on them, putting us to within two lengths. With an electric crowd and an abundance of Hertford support, we pushed and pushed through the race, but Merton held a constant distance to us. Outside Univ Boathouse, we called for a final push, and the boat surged beneath us as we emptied the tanks. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be, but we easily held off the Lincoln crew (on for blades) behind us, and we knew we gave it everything on the last day. A very strong row and campaign, even if things didn’t go as well as we might have hoped.

W1 Day 4 – Issy Dodds

After a few days of our races not going how we wanted, we were all excited to row the race on Saturday to show everyone how much progress we had made in training over the term. We set off from Longbridges with some amazing support and we are so grateful to everyone who came down the river to moo and cheer us (especially the dedication of the moose in the hot weather!!). We started the race really well with everything going to plan. We found a good rhythm off our start and finally found the rowing we had practiced. Unfortunately an impressive Jesus crew behind us found more speed and gradually came up on us. Sadly we couldn’t find the power to hold them off and they got the bump on us by Donny Bridge. Although not the result we wanted, we did find a strong rhythm and so we ended the week in good spirits to head to the boat club dinner with!

M2 Day 4 – Anton Fedotov

A final push today for the M2 lads, to finish up a chaotic week filled with, ups, downs, and some amazing rowing. The sun was out and the crowds were about for what was set to be an exciting – and difficult – race. With Catz behind us, on for blades, and Peters ahead of us – a much faster crew, also on for blades – we had a tough position to start and would likely row the whole course. On the way to the start line, we were marred by yet another equipment failure, and had to tie up at Accie’s to mend a broken footplate (clearly, we just put down too many watts). We went straight out onto the bungline with no warmup but were nevertheless ready for a solid race.

The gun went off and Catz were on the chase, but we held them well. Coming up to the bridge, we saw trouble ahead: a pile in the gut. We did our best to go around but just as we were clear of the mess, Peters cleared the line directly in our path, forcing us to stop. That brought an end to our race, just 300 metres in, and closed out our campaign with a disappointing result. Regardless, our crew has navigated some tough waters, literally and metaphorically, and rowed a brilliant campaign. I’m proud of every one of them and look forward to rowing again. FTD!

W2 Day 4 – Masie Howard

We started day 4 praying to the klaxon gods to look down on us kindly. Seeing Worcester as a stepping stone to our revenge on New, we were eager to get the bump as soon as possible (as well as to actually get to race after the disasters that were Thursday and Friday). Our start was powerful, albeit a bit splashy, and Hugh’s soon faded into the distance. Entering the gut, we almost had overlap on Worcester and gradually tightened the gap until we were firmly overlapped as we approached Longbridges. With Claire furiously shouting “CONCEDE” at Worcester it was a shock to suddenly see Hugh’s seemingly coming out of nowhere. Despite bumping them on Wednesday, Hugh’s hit us before we hit Worcester. Sad times for W2. Gave the boathouse a good show though.

W2 Day 4 – Jemima Lane

Day 4 has been one of the most intense days of eights; today we were chasing Worcester W2, and had gained a canvas of overlap on them by the time we reached the gut of the Isis! Unfortunately, we half overlapped throughout the gut but Worcester wouldn’t concede, and we quickly became sandwiched with Worcester ahead and St Hughes behind, and devastatingly, St Hughes swiped through our stern up at the beginning of greenbanks. The support from Longbridges boathouse was absolutely incredible, and the chants of “HERTFORD HERTFORD HERTFORD” helped us take our rate up as we exited the gut, but in the end, we were incredibly u fortunate to not get the bump. All in all, the day was phenomenal, and we were all lucky to be able to race without being klaxoned!

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