City of Oxford Royal Regatta, Day 2 – 21/08/2022

Report by Jeremy Pirt

Hertford Senior 4
Cox Finlay Jordan
Stroke Anton Fedotov | 3 Oliver Harvey-Rich | 2 Richard Bradshaw | Bow Jeremy Pirt



Race 4: Kingston

If we weren’t underdogs on the first day we certainly were on Sunday. Rowing a 4+ for the first time in three months, never before as a crew and practically as a lightweights squad. Our first competitors were the far hencher Kingston Rowing Club. Our aim was to row our own race.

This was to be a 500m race, from Univ down to Longbridges, so getting power down early in the first ten strokes would determine the race. 

As the flag went down we struggled to get away in the first few as quickly. The next couple of strokes we were able to really get power down. Despite the slight messiness we accelerated up to two lengths of separation by the middle of Green Banks. Holding our advantage we continued to race back to our boathouse, crossing the line with a great amount of clear water behind us. 

It felt fantastic to beat a competitive town crew when it wasn’t expected. Buzzing yet tired we got the boat away with broad grins all round!

Race 5: Wolfson College Boat Club

Hertford Men had on this Sunday found either through fate or chance an unlikely two day rival. Keen to restore our reputation we powered off the start line. Somehow we found ourselves pulling ahead of the stronger half of the Wolfson squad who had bested us only the day before. 

Keen to empty the tank for the win we pushed harder. Hope was cut short by cries from the marshals. “Wolfson move back into your own lane!” Then blades clashed.

Our relative inexperience got the better of us, confusion allowed them to win the paddle battle and escape to win the race. Slightly crushed we cheered on the victorious crew, landed and reflected on the weekend.


Overall it was a brilliant display of how far we have come since this time last year and the potential we are only just beginning to unlock. Having only sat in a rowing boat for the first time ten months ago, it has been a fantastic experience to now race at a competitive level…

The results of the weekend give us lots of hope for the coming year and to really push for full freshers recruitment in Michaelmas!

One of the great things about this regatta was getting to race alongside Hertford Alumni racing for a whole host of different boat clubs from Accies to Cantabs. Showing off the strength and pride of our wonderful boat club years later!


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