Never rowed before?

Whether you are new to Hertford or haven’t had the chance to row before, we would love to give you the chance to take part in one of Oxford’s classic sports! Rowing at Hertford is a fantastic way to meet lots of new people, get fit, and most importantly enjoy some fantastic social events.  Get in touch with our captains via our committee page.

One of the best things about learning to row at Hertford is it can you can take it as far as you want to. From starting out as a novice in Michaelmas Term when it won’t matter whether you have ever been in a boat before or not, to competing in college bumps regattas and perhaps through as far as the Oxford Blues squads and even international representation. You can get what you want out of rowing for Hertford, and in recent years our home grown talent has done it all.

We are also always looking for new coxes to join us, as rowers are nothing without somebody to ensure they don’t crash into the bank and motivate them onwards and upwards! Coxing is an excellent opportunity to learn skills of an entirely different nature to physical rowing, and can be both a primary focus or a skill additional to rowing itself.

Rowed before?

Hertford has great facilities, coaching and equipment available. Our fleet consists of 6 eights, 3 fours and a number of small boats shared with other colleges. We have access to a fully equipped erg room with a mirror wall for athletes to observe their techniques and a well equipped gym on the college site.

Our first VIII’s race in the first division in both the Mens and Womens Torpids and Summer Eights. The Mens first VIII are 5th on the river in Torpids and 13th in Summer Eights. The Womens first VIII are 4th in Torpids and 8th in Summer Eights.

A number of our members have progressed to the OUBC, OUWBC, OULRC and OUWLRC squads in recent years. After their respective races against Cambridge, the focus for these rowers returns to college rowing for Summer Eights and furthering club success.

As a club we aim to participate in external regattas to build the experience of our home grown talent, but also to push our experienced crews. We regularly compete at the Head of the River races in London amongst others, and have taking part at the Henley regattas as an end of season aim.

Some of the benefits of rowing at Hertford:

  • Rowing at Oxford is an unique opportunity to experience the thrills of bumps racing, an exhilarating race format involving intentionally trying to crash into the people you are trying to chase down.
  • Hertford is renowned for its friendly and social atmosphere and the boat club is no different. Life long friendships (and even the occasional marriage) have been started at the boat club. Crew dates, Boatie Cocktails, crew socials and end of term formal dinners give members plenty of chance to socialise, as do more informal nights out down the college bar.
  • Rowing is one of the few forms of full body exercise, and a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness and strength (sometimes dramatically!)
  • Rowers tend to do well in their studies as training provides structure to the day and has been shown to add focus to academic work.
  • The skills learnt through rowing such as team work, commitment and determination are viewed highly by employers.

You don’t have to be giant, strong or naturally athletic to be a successful rower. The determination to succeed and technical ability are extremely important factors. Hertford has a proud history of producing lightweight rowers, with two British world champions coming out of Hertford in the last decade.

Rowing doesn’t have to absorb all of your time, you are here primarily to study and rowing is organised around that. The level of commitment you are willing to put in is up to you, whether this is aiming for the first boats or enjoying competing in the lower boats. The club committee have all balanced their work and rowing commitments and are willing to pass on words of wisdom and lend an ear when needed.

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  1. Mike Lisle-Williams says:

    Great work – wonderful to see HCBC looking so formidable, & great effort in the CC Regatta. I rowed in the First Torpid and the First VIII in 1979 and 1980 (good years for us, under our smokin’ coach Geoff Jukes) – and had some outings with a fine 4 in 1981 after I moved to Nuffield College. Then in a 20 year celebration, 9 of us including Oliver O’Toole, our excellent cox, came together in May 2001 to row against the then First VIII – and suffered a loss and enjoyed a win (returning from the Head of the River to the boathouse – a big Green Bank) – we had great times. Love to follow today’s exploits and cheer Hertford on. My best to all involved, Mike


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