President Isaac Hilsley

Hi, I’m Isaac, a third year PPEist. I learned to row at Hertford two years ago, and I’ve experienced many of its highs and lows- whether on the erg, on the water, or in the mornings (usually a low!) I’m excited to lead the committee this year, and I can’t wait to be a part of the HCBC community in my final year!

Secretary Jakub Trybull

Hey I’m Jakub, 2nd year E&Mer and your dedicated secretary. I had never stepped in a boat until arriving at Oxford, but since that first taster session, I’m strapped into Bow seat! The one thing I’d say about HCBC is that is is vibrant, always lots to get involved with and filled with enthusiastic people.

Treasurer Finlay Jordan

Hi, I’m Finlay a 2nd year engineer and this years treasurer. I only got involved in rowing in my first year and decided to give coxing a go one of the best decisions I made at uni. The boat club is very fun and inclusive and gives you a chance to compete in a sport you wouldn’t get a chance to do.

Men’s Captain Simon Martina-Perez

My name is Simon and I’m a third year PhD student in mathematics. In a past life, I was a cyclist and when I joined Hertford, I had no intention of rowing, but halfway through my first year I was persuaded by some friends to try an outing. From that first time, I was hooked! This year marks my third year of HCBC and I’m honored to be this year’s captain. What I love most about the club is our friendly and fun attitude to sports, allowing us to row at a good level while also having a good time and making friends. I have made many great memories in Oxford through HCBC and I look forward to a fantastic year

Women’s Captain Emily Ryan

I’m a finalist studying Chinese and learnt to row at Hertford in my first year, favourite part of the club is the atmosphere, the women’s side is so supportive and there’s a real sense of camaraderie. Favourite part of rowing is the teamwork, especially seeing everything come together during racing.

Men’s Vice Captain Olly Harvey Rich

Hi, I’m Olly, a second-year PPEist and your men’s vice captain. I started rowing for the first time last year with HCBC and can’t wait to share the experience with the new novices, from training and racing to pub trips and post-outing Hertford brunch. FTD!

Women’s Vice Captain Olivia Hickman

Hi I’m Liv and I’m going to be Women’s Vice Captain this year!!
I am a second year E&M student who started rowing at the beginning of my first year. HCBC is such a welcoming club where you have the opportunity to meet loads of new people and try out a super fun sport. I’m so excited for what this next year will being, FTD!!

Captain of the Coxes Ned Geake

Hi there! I’m Ned, the Captain of Coxes – I organise coxes to make sure we have enough for outings and competitions. Coxing may sound intimidating, but it’s great fun and easy to get into. I started off as a rower, but branched into coxing two years ago and have loved it ever since. The best part of rowing is the camaraderie of a team all trained up for an event – morning outings really bring you together!

Welfare Officer Sophie Cook

Hi! I’m Sophie, a third-year lawyer and your welfare officer for this year. When not in a boat, I enjoy singing and the outdoors.

I’ll be organising some fun things for us all to do to relax and unwind this year, and I’m here to talk to about any welfare concerns you have for yourself or others.
No concern is too little or too big.

Water Safety Officer Cass Baumberg

Hi, I’m Cass and I came to HCBC with a few years of rowing under my belt (or all-in-one). I’ve loved getting involved with all aspects of rowing at Hertford, and can’t wait for more stunning early morning outings in the sunrise.

Social Secretaries Jemima Lane and Lottie Keys

Hey, we’re Jemima and Lottie, this year’s social secs, and outside of rowing we’re final-year students! We started rowing with HCBC when I joined uni 2 years ago and since then have become completely indoctrinated…our favourite part of the club is the awesome events we put on and we can’t wait to keep them coming over the next year!

Kit Officer Eve Hewett

Hi I’m Eve and I’m your kit secretary for the year. I’m a second year History and French student with a slight (but healthy) obsession with rowing! I learnt to row before uni and started rowing with college halfway through my first year – my biggest regret is not joining sooner! I’m super excited to see HCBC out on the river in the coolest kit around.

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