Penny Hyde

Hi, I’m Penny, a second year DPhil studying Chemistry at LMH. I’ve been a member of HCBC since 2015 and can usually be found in a boat, on a bike or being dragged around Summertown by two big fluffy dogs!

Women’s Captain

Lorena Blaya Martinez

Hiya, I’m Lori, the Women’s Captain! I’m a third year Biochemistry undergrad from Madrid. Like many of us, I started rowing in first year and have been obsessed ever since!

Women’s Vice Captain

Jemima Lane

Hi, my name is Jemima and I’m a second-year geography student who only starting rowing when I got to uni. I love walking my dog, nights out in London and, of course, rowing; I’m really excited for the next year on the committee!

Water Safety Officer

Alison Carrington 

Hi, I’m Alison, a 4th year medical student. I learnt to row with HCBC 3 years ago and I can’t wait to see loads of you having fun on the water and trying out the sport!

Kit Secretary

Lottie Keys

Hi, I’m Lottie, your kit secretary. I am a second year history student from West Sussex. Aside from my new found love of rowing, I enjoy time with friends, cooking, jewellery making and ticking off tpubs on the Oxford crawl! I’m super excited for this next year of rowing and kitting out Hertford with the coolest stash around! #FearTheDeer


Rafee Ahmed

Hi, I’m a 4th year medical student, and I learnt to row at Hertford as a fresher. Rowing has been a highlight of college life: a great opportunity to let off some steam, make friends, and get me up in the morning.

Men’s Captain

Isaac Hilsley

Hey, I’m Isaac, a second year PPEist and your new men’s captain. There’s just no way I’d have enjoyed my time so far anywhere near as much if I wasn’t rowing! Really looking forward to training hard and leading the boys towards an amazing year on the river (and all of the good stuff in-between). FTD!!

Men’s Vice Captains

Matthew Howard

Hi I’m Matt, I’m a second year medic and I’m the vice men’s captain of the lower boats this year along with Matt cave ( which I’m sure won’t get confusing all at all). I only learned to row in my first year at Hertford but loved competing in the summer eights race. I can’t wait to help get more people involved with rowing and racing next year.

Matt Cave

Hi my name’s Matt (Cave)! I’m one of your Men’s Vice Captains, and a second year Geography undergraduate, and I’m so excited for this rowing season. I want to focus on encouraging fresher uptake, and ensuring that all that wish to can get involved and enjoy the sport so that Hertford can build a range of competitive and enthusiastic squads (and on not getting injured again).

Social Secretary

Sophie Cook

Hi, I’m Sophie, your social secretary. I’m a second-year lawyer from West Sussex who loves singing, the outdoors, and having a good time. I can’t wait for this year and the fun in-person events that it will bring.












Cass Baumberg

Hi, I’m Cass and I came to HCBC with a few years of rowing under my belt (or all-in-one). I’ve loved getting involved with all aspects of rowing at Hertford, and can’t wait for more stunning early morning outings in the sunrise.

Captain of Coxes

Ned Geake

Hi there! I’m Ned, the Captain of Coxes – I organise our coxes to make sure we have enough for outings and competitions. Coxing is a mix of steering, tactics, and encouraging the boat to go faster. It may sound intimidating, but it’s great fun and easy to get into – I had essentially no experience a year ago and look at me now!

Welfare Officers

Simon Martina Perez

Hello! I’m Simon and I’m doing a DPhil in mathematical and computational biology. Besides rowing, I love cycling and anything active/outdoors, which I try to share with as many people as I can through my role as the MCR sports sec. Together with Amy I will be your welfare rep. If you’re experiencing any difficulties, like stress, injury, time commitment or mental health, you can reach out to have a (confidential) chat with either of us. Also, if you just want someone to talk to about whatever you want, but don’t quite know who, feel free to reach out. I have high hopes for 2021/2022 being an awesome year of rowing and I can’t wait to meet everyone who will be joining us!

Amy Holguin

Hello I’m Amy one of the welfare officers. I’m in my second year of a DPhil in Archaeology. I loved learning to row at Hertford and also love plants and making jewellery. I’m excited to get back to rowing with everyone this year!

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