Summer Eights 2017 – Thursday Race Reports

M1 – Level at 1st in Division II

Cox: Alice Vacani
Stroke: Chris Nicholls
7: Alex Allison
6: Jack Waterman
5: Steve Crabb
4: Hamish Streeter
3: Chris (CJ) Jones
2: Rob House
Bow: Maciej Bugala

Following a disappointing result on the first day, M1 were ready for the opportunity to show off what we could actually do now that the nerves had settle and the cobwebs blown away. We knew we couldn’t take this race easy if we wanted the chance to take our spot back in division one, behind us were an LMH crew eager to jump at any opportunity we gave them. After a shorter warm up due to river congestion we made our way down to bungline one, prepared for a hard fight. Bang goes the start cannon and we power through our start sequence, taking advantage of the clear water us we settle into a strong and stable rhythm and start to put the work in. However LMH knew that their best chance was to get us early so with a thunderous start they gain an uncomfortable distance on us. Coming through the gut thought we manage to take some of our lost ground back and sat at half a length up green banks and boathouse island. With the finish in sight LMH knew it was now or never so started to give it their all, however it was not enough and we passed the finish line, successfully rowing over at the top of division 2. The pain after the race was terrible but we weren’t done for the day, we now had to race at the bottom of division one. With a shockingly fast Catz crew ahead going for an early bump on a shaky Balliol crew, we knew that we were in for a row over so decided to take the course at a lower rate so that we could focus on technique and get more wash practice in. Tomorrow we’re ready to shut down the LMH crew again and hopefully catch a falling Trinity to take a secure division one position back.

Jack Waterman – 6 Seat


W1 – Level at 8th Division I

Cox: Jess Li
Stroke: Abie Witts
7: Ros Martin
6: Philippa Thornton
5: Annie Ault
4: Cat Zhao
3: Johanna Gewolker
2: Amy Holguin
Bow: Bridget Johns

After our lightning start to the Summer VIIIs 2017 campaign, firebolting our way to green banks on about r36 to Greenbanks on the first day, we came with a resolution for powerful consistency and sustainability for the Thursday race. The sun burnt down on us hotter yet than the previous day and sweat rolled down our faces and backs as we warmed up in the erg room after watching some visionary Brookes rowing videos. Boat out, blades out, we set off into the evening sun ready to take on the second challenge of the week. Having rowed over the day before, we had proved to ourselves we had the ability and strength to complete the course with efficiency and speed. We sat on our bung line, calm and collected. On the sound of the canon, we blasted through our start sequence, perhaps a little less frenzied than the day before, and settled soon onto that chunky rhythm that we knew we were capable of. Under pressure from Teddy Hall, Johns intermittently gained and lost on us little by little all the way up to the end of green banks, where they finally succumbed to the bump and drifted over. Yet the wide expanse that this left in the river behind us did not deter us from completing our race solidly and professionally. We know that Friday Teddy Hall might be offering us a challenge, but Hertford W1 are ready to step up to it.

Johanna Gewolker – 3 Seat

M2 – Down 1 to 8th in Division IV

Cox: Jack Yates
Stroke: Patrick Austin
7: Ross Johnstone
6: Harry Connor
5: Oliver Jones
4: Simon Neumaier
3: Matt Bosomworth
2: Freddy von Kaufmann
Bow: Andrew Ng

After a crushing defeat in the opening race on Wednesday, Hertford M2 re-focused on the battle ahead: GTBC M1 would be in pursuit, with a sizeable crew including none other than Dr Michael Smets in Stroke seat. Dr Smets had previously lectured MBA students Oliver Jones (5) and Andrew Ng (Bow) for their Leadership course in Michaelmas Term. Being grateful students, the two felt obliged to teach him a lesson in return… The gun fired. Hertford M2 were ready, following Stroke to build up the rate quickly, and in unison, attaining a high of 44. With each passing stroke, it seemed GTBC M1 would draw closer, ever so slightly. Refusing to give up or give in, Hertford M2 maintained their deep resolve to defend against the efforts of GTBC M1.  Unfortunately for Hertford M2, victory would have to wait till another day. Barely had they crossed Donnington Bridge, when Hertford M2 got bumped by their neighbours of Longbridges boat house. With two consecutive losses, M2 has seen better days. Nonetheless, they look ahead to another two days of racing. Could a bump or two be waiting downstream?

Andrew Ng – Bow

W2 – Level at 5th in Division IV

Stroke: Amy Wright
7: Molly Appleton
6: Hilary Yndi
5: Hae Jin Yang
4: Ava Scott
3: Sonya Chen
2: Catherine Dumbill
Bow: Miranda Ryan

W2 paddled up to the bung lines a bit nervous about what the race would hold. After bumping a fairly evenly matched team yesterday the pressure would be on from Regent’s Park behind while chasing Linacre II in front. After a strong but slightly slow start Regent’s Park began to close in from behind, but W2 stayed composed and, with Ros’ motivating rhetoric as cox, we pushed through the gut. Coming up past Longbridges the four boats behind us bumped out leaving us space to focus on making this a technically strong and fast row. Linacre II maintained a strong performance out in front so we settled down to determinedly show our best performance to the end. Despite not getting the bump, we ended the race happy and smiling after showing a strong performance to build on in the next couple of days.

Catherine Dumbill – 2 Seat


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