Torpids 2019: Thursday Race Reports


Report to follow


Cox Carlo

Stroke Lizzy

7 Georgie

6 Rebecca S

5 Rebecca N

4 Elizabeth

3 Lucy

2 Rosie

Bow Maddy

The W2 crew went into day 2 of torpids feeling confident after our rapid bump on day 1 and had high hopes of getting another bump early on. We got to the start line in good time, adrenaline pumping and raring to go. After the gun sounded, we got off to a promising start, rowing with some good power away from Mansfield W2.

However, it very quickly went badly wrong as we began to swerve to the right. We caught a crab, which upset the balance, so the boat tilted and we veered even further towards the bank. Mansfield had overtaken us on the left and we were heading straight for the tree on the bank. It was too late by now, we were going to crash… Carlo yelled ‘hold it hard!’ but not everyone reacted, and we crashed head on into the tree. Maddy’s blade got stuck in the branches and hit her full on, so she was thrown out into the river in a sudden ejector crab. She made a remarkable recovery, jumping straight back in the boat, and we rowed back to the boathouse, all slightly bewildered about what exactly had just happened…

The results were announced: we received a penalty bump and Mansfield appealed for a bump too, which meant we dropped down two places.

Not exactly the result we had been hoping for, but most importantly Maddy was ok, and we were even more determined to bump our way up the division on day 3.


Started : 5th in WDiv1

Bumped Keble

Finished : 4th WDiv1


Bow: Susie Webster

Ellie van Vogt

Allison Carrington

Kaja Fenn

Kate Furber

Philippa Thornton

Harriet Thomas

Stroke: Caitlin Donahue

Cox: Jack Yates

Hertford W1 were excited for the second day of Torpids. The weather wasn’t as nice, but our spirits were still high. We were feeling confident after our bump yesterday, but we knew we had to still row as hard as we could. The warm up felt good, and we practiced a race start before heading to our new bung line. We managed to stay calm despite nerves, and after our pre-race jelly babies and high fives down the boat, we focused, got our heads the boat and waited for the starting gun. The gun fired and we were off, after a strong start we started gaining on Keble. Then Keble stroke caught a crab meaning they were only rowing in a 6. Jack then called a power 10 and we responded, Keble conceded, and we cleared the racing line. Only then did the situation sink in, we had bumped Keble 250m off the start line. We know that Keble is still a fast crew but W1 are prepared and ready to take day 3 of Torpids by storm !!! FTD


Started : 8th in MDiv1

Rowed over

Finished : 8th in MDiv1

Bow : Patrick Austin

Fritz Björklund

Rafee Ahmed

Philipp Schelhaas

Antonis Dimopuoulos

Hamish Streeter

Harry Connor

Stroke: Danny de Rozairo

Cox : Abbi Colwyn

A new day, a new fighting spirit within the M1 crew. Even the rainy weather did not stop us from our motivational team talk in the Boathouse and a real desire to get our revenge on Balliol M1. First to start warming up downstream, the crew were looking much more relaxed, keeping loose and keeping their heads in the boat. Day 2 and Hertford M1 mean business.

The race started strong. A clean start, closing in on Balliol in the first ten strokes. From stroke to bow, all 8 were pushing hard and keeping their focus. With Simon blowing his whistle, we had closed in on Balliol to three quarters of a length towards the gut. ‘Hook and Send! Hook and Send!’ We closed in, Balliol having to make a strong effort coming out of the gut to push away. Great start boys!

Halfway along Greenbanks and the race quickly changed. No longer simply a case of catching Balliol, we had to push (and push hard) to get away from Jesus M1, who were closing in behind. Crossing the river early, there was no way were getting bumped today. With an enthusiastic crowd along the towpath, captivated by what seemed to be an upcoming bump, we crossed the river yet again to escape Jesus. ‘IT’S DO OR DIE BOYS, EMPTY THE TANKS’. Jesus were closing in and at this point had gained overlap. But with yet more power in the tank and a call to ‘PROTECT YOUR COX’, all 8 boys managed to hold off Jesus right until the very end. A mighty effort from Hertford, we had maintained our place 8th on the river.

Sending high fives down the boat, we could hold our heads up high. Great commitment! Balliol seriously better watch out tomorrow.

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  1. Dave Benson says:

    Good reports. Well done W1.


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